I was born on a cold, windy evening in County Durham. The miners were on strike, the wagon works were closing. My father; a humble TV engineer. My mother; a nurse. I was a pretty unassuming child with a love for the moving pictures and a large collection of second hand Star Wars figures.

At the age of 18 I dusted of the soot from my hair, put down the pick axe and set off on a journey to the land of opportunity – Hull – to follow my dreams. There I began directing. But Hull wasn’t big enough, I needed more. I smashed my piggy bank and bought a ticket to London, nothing could stop me now.

With the help of my friend David, I made shorts, then music videos, and finally, commercials. Things grew in scale and these little projects started to get recognised. I was nominated for some awards, won some others, word got out, northern boy done good.

Eventually I met a man called Robert. He took me into his family, and introduced me to Joseph. More commercials were made, then Joseph and I made a short called Crack. Crack called upon truths from my roots and upbringing, delving into the tough life in a farming village in County Durham. But people don’t want to see farming villages, so I set it in a South London council estate, although practically everything aside from the location was true… It got nominated for a BIFA! Conkers, can you believe it.

Now I’m making the follow up film, but it’s not about Conkers this time, it’s about something else.

Look at my work, it isn’t bad.

Represented for commercials in the UK by Outsider and the US by Station.

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